New Student


Welcome to the city of students – welcome to Uppsala.

However old the University (founded 1477) might be, it keeps itself eternally youthful through its students and the student life that the nations offer. Here you’ll find a University in world class and a world unique student life. No place on earth will you find something similar; Uppsala’s nations are indeed something extraordinary. By students and for students has been their motto for over 350 years! We are now happy to welcome you to this community, both nation and union! 

A nation can be whatever you wish to do besides your studies. There’re 13 different nations available, both signing up one and becoming involved in its activities can give you a memorable experience during your time in Uppsala. Get to know new people, practice your Swedish and develop new skills within in fields you couldn’t imagine. At the nations you will find: 

  • Libraries and computers. Study and borrow literature at your nation!

  • Accommodation. Nearly 40% of all student housing in Uppsala are owned by the nations.

  • Scholarships for millions of SEK are every year admeasured to nation members.

  • Work. Earn extra income and try something new at the nation.

  • Help. Nations can support you when your student time feels troubling.

  • Lunch and café are available at a lot of the nations.

  • Amusement’s such as pub’s, restaurants and club’s are all available at each nation! Membership at one nation guarantees you access to all other nation pub’s and club’s etc.


To become a member at a nation you must be a student at any of the universities in Uppsala. Visit the nation of your choice; bring a letter of admission or other proof of your studentship. 

Membership costs, depending on choice of nation, between 200 and 300 SEK per semester.

Welcome to Uppsala, its nations and Student Union, and hopefully the best time of your life!

If you wan’t information about events for international students, check out The International Committées website: